The Foundation supports opportunities for students of all ages by sponsoring annual scholarships, awarding grants for educational programs, and providing funding to training organizations that assist adults from various backgrounds with joining the trades.


Organizations that have received funding from the Foundation include:


ACE Mentor Program of Greater New York

The mission of the ACE Mentor Program is to engage, excite and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in architecture, engineering, and construction through mentoring to support their continued advancement in the industry.  Founded in 1995 by a group of leading contractors, engineers, and owners in New York, the program now reaches over 8,000 students and 3,000 mentors annually in more than 200 cities. Since its inception, the program has served over 10,000 students throughout the United States and over 5,000 students in New York.  Seventy-two percent of ACE students are minorities and 49 percent are female.  ACE New York has awarded close to $1.5 million in scholarships to over 1,000 deserving graduates of the program. 


Center for Architecture Foundation

Located at the Center for Architecture, a public gallery space committed to advancing an understanding of the field, the Center for Architecture Foundation (CFA) promotes public understanding and appreciation of architecture and design through educational programs for students and teachers, families, and the general public. 

CFA's Learning By Design:NY provides school-based K-12 residency programs and professional development workshops to students and teachers. The programs introduce students to architecture and design through a series of workshops that are developed and taught by design educators in collaboration with classroom teachers. Architecture and desin are used as vehicles for fostering learning and discovery across core subject areas, cultivating students' observation skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. 


Nontraditional Employment for Women 

Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) is a nonprofit organization that prepares, trains, and places women in careers in the skilled construction, utility and maintenance trades. NEW primarily serves low-income minority women from all five boroughs in New York City and places them in jobs that provide a secure future for themselves and their families. Thanks to a partnership between NEW, labor unions, contractors, owners, and government, 2,300 women have been placed in industry jobs since 2005.


Pathways to Apprenticeship

Pathways to Apprenticeship (P2A) works with individuals, unions, and community organizations to recruit, train, and mentor people from communities with low income and high unemployment for careers in union construction in New York City. This includes people on public assistance, residents of public housing, youth recently released from the foster care system, and others who have generally not been successful in entering careers in the building trades. Through its Pre-Apprenticeship Program, P@A trains apprenticeship candidates to be job ready for the union construction industry, covering review of required work habits, basic workforce skills, conflict management, financial literacy, and the benefits and expectations of union membership. 


Salvadori Center

The Salvadori Center delivers collaborative, hands-on, project-based learning experiences for public school students in all five boroughs of New York City. Slavadori's programs aim to promote college and career readiness for all students; emphasize higher-order skills; and produce student work that reflects high levels of thinking, participation, and ownership. This is achieved by offering a variety of multi-day, in-school and after-school programs for children, as well as professional development workshops that provide teachers with a strong foundation in project-based learning. The teaching staff features experienced architects and engineers who share their passion for New York's urban landscape in ways that inspire young learners. 


The Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction

The Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction enriches its challenging academic program with the active involvement of architecture and design professionals coupled with partnerships with cultural institutions and universities. The school takes advantage of its New York City location to expose students to architectural landmarks and building sites. Students leave not only prepared to succeed in college, but appreciating and understanding their built environment. 


Help forge a common agenda for New York City’s building industry, working with the overall design, construction and real estate community

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