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2016-2017 Biennial Report

Message From the Chairman and President

"[T]he Foundation strives to maximize talents, relationships, and industry partnerships to broaden its reach and strengthen its influence."

As the new Chairman and President of the New York Building Foundation, we are honored to take up the mantle of the extraordinary leaders who have preceded us and work with an esteemed and dedicated Board of Governors in building on their record of achievement. We thank all past and current Board members for their service and contributions, which have been the very bedrock that has supported the Foundation in its development and all of its endeavors.

The Building Foundation has grown considerably in scope and scale since it was founded in 1998, raising and distributing millions of dollars to support educational, research and philanthropic activities aimed at promoting the long-term growth and well-being of the building industry and the City of New York. But the Building Foundation has the potential to do even more, and the next two years will be the beginning of an exciting new chapter for this important and worthy organization.

With the Foundation's 20th anniversary fast approaching, now is the perfect time to unlock that potential by taking a close look at its mission, goals, activities, and funding in order to ensure the organization's relevancy, impact, and success in the coming decades. This comprehensive review will leave no stone unturned and include (i) an examination of the New York Building Foundation Grant Request and Evaluation Guidelines, (ii) potential new sources of funding, such as private and government grants, (iii) new initiatives and opportunities for Building Foundation support of the industry and the city, and (iv) strategies to raise the Building Foundation's profile and increase participation in its activities.

While the Board will be front and center in charting the course for the Building Foundation's next 20 years, it will be vital to engage the next generation of industry leaders in the Foundation's program as we move forward. A significant first step towards that goal is underway, thanks to the recent launch of the New York Building Congress Young Professionals Committee, which is tasked with increasing the awareness of, and fundraising for, the Foundation. And there will be even more dynamic initiatives to come, as the Foundation strives to maximize talents, relationships, and industry partnerships to broaden its reach and strengthen its influence.

Together with the Board, we look forward to joining forces with the entire building industry and wider community to meet the challenges and celebrate the successes that lie ahead for the New York Building Foundation as it serves the industry and the City of New York.


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