Annual Report

Annual Report 2013

Message from the Chairman and the President

NEW YORK CITY IS IN THE MIDST OF AN ECONOMIC REBOUND that in no small part is anchored in robust construction activity. In addition to significant capital programs of the City of New York, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the planned and current projects of the private sector and various public institutions are growing as a percentage of the overall local market. Taken together, the activities of the design, construction, and real estate community are having a substantial, positive impact on the City's economy.

In the midst of this success, New York is on the verge of enormous political change. Under the leadership of Mayor Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the City has made great strides. Priorities and perspectives will, however, naturally shift as their terms come to a close, and New York also elects a new comptroller, public advocate, and borough presidents. What's more, the leadership of most - if not all - City agencies likely will change following these elections.

One constant during this period is the New York Building Congress and the organizations that comprise its diverse coalition. As a group, we are directly involved in the transformation of neighborhoods throughout the City and represent exactly the kinds of professionals who can assist and support public officials at all levels. In large measure, we make their grand ambitions, like those described in this report, a reality. And involvement in the Building Congress is the surest way to have our contributions as an industry recognized and supported.

The Building Congress activities so valuable to the goals of the industry are well described in the pages that follow. They include economic-development advocacy, research on construction activity and trends, events featuring prominent political and business leaders, and charitable efforts supporting the City as a whole as well as our own employees and their communities, particularly in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

We encourage you to be actively engaged with the Building Congress throughout the year as we hear from agency leaders as well as candidates for elected office and contribute our expertise to their initiatives. The Building Congress community is a resource that is growing in prominence, just as the organizations among our membership are growing as a portion of New York's expanding economy. As we stand together, we will help the next group of City leaders achieve their goals.

John M. Dionisio, Chairman   Richard T. Anderson, President


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